Among the most exciting tools available in modern drug discovery, drug development, and clinical treatment of disease is the understanding that comes with identifying and measuring biomarkers. With its modern instrumentation, and years of experience in systems where endogenous compounds are a factor, Sannova is well situated to develop and validate biomarker methods.

An understanding of the effects of therapeutic agents at the molecular level can greatly reduce the costs and time invested in producing new drugs to treat diseases.

Sannova can conduct biomarker analytical method development and validation for proteins, utilizing LC/MS/MS. Large molecules can be addressed using ligand binding assays, enzymatic digestion for LC/MS/MS analysis as well as hybrid techniques like immunocapture and analysis.

Sannova can conduct endogenous small organic and inorganic molecule biomarker analytical method development and validation utilizing LC/MS/MS, GC/MS and ICP/MS. For example, some biomarker methods developed at Sannova include niacin, and phytonadione E and Z isomers in nutritional evaluations, as well as steroids such as testosterone and estradiol. In the inorganic case for example, Sannova has experience measuring transferrin bound and “free” iron in plasma, as well phosphate and pyrophosphate species utilizing its ICP-MS capabilities and modern Ultrawave digestion equipment.

Other biomarker work underway includes lipid species, including ceramides and many others.

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