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Sannova is seeking scientific talent who are capable of anticipating and responding quickly to the dynamic environment and industry that we work in. At Sannova, you will have the chance to work with talented people, put your creativity and enthusiasm in high gear, flourish as a professional and enrich the lives of others in a rewarding career.

We value Innovation, Collaboration and Leader Behaviors and recognize and reward team members for their creative performance and contributions to the company.

Sannova is an equal opportunity employer. Full-time employees are eligible to participate in a variety of benefit programs offered by the Company.

Job Opening:

Scientists - Develop and validate sensitive Bioanalytical methods using LC/MS/MS, Coloumn/Ion Exchange chromatography, ICP-MS, ELISA, GC/MS, liquid-liquid and solid phase extractions; Develop and validate analytical assays for pharmaceuticals using Absorption/ Mass spectroscopy, Fluorimetric analysis using spectrophotometers; Maintain and calibrate instruments including HPLC/ GC, Spectrophotmeter, ICP-MS; Perform Biosynthesis of proteins and quantification of therapeutic peptides; Perform assay studies of active pharmaceutical ingredients and its metabolites using HPLC, Mass Spectrometers and Gas Chromatography.

Require a Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Chemistry or Pharmacy plus skills and knowledge of Absorption/Mass spectroscopy, Spectrophotometer, Fluorimetric Analysis, Column/Ion Exchange chromatography, HPLC/GC, pharmaceutical stability testing.

Job location: Somerset, NJ. Submit resume referencing job code ANT002 to HR, Sannova Analytical, Inc., 155 Pierce Street, Somerset, NJ 08873.