The facility is located in Somerset, NJ, right at the heart of New Jersey’s pharmaceutical business corridor. At the time of its founding in 2006, Sannova was located in just 4000 square feet of space. Expanding in the same building where it was founded, today the Sannova’s facility encompasses currently more than 21,000 square feet of modern spacious labs and offices, set up in an attractive, open environment.

Laboratories and central services

The labs are all designed for seamless expansion as Sannova continues to grow. The newer of the two large bioanalytical labs has been plumbed with compressed air lines from the central compressor in order to service the dedicated Sciex nitrogen generators on the instruments located there. The new labs can accommodate 12 additional mass specs in the future in addition to the 14 mass specs now in service.

Also within the facility, a centralized nitrogen generator serves lines for sample evaporation so that the potential for air oxidation of sensitive analyzes is eliminated.

Environmental Storage

Five of Sannova’s 18 standalone freezers are -80oC, and thirteen are -20oC. Owing to Sannova’s growth, to supplement these, a 5000 cubic feet walk in -20 oC freezer has been added, equivalent to 166 standalone units.

Emergency Power Supply

Although Sannova in nine years of operations has never experienced a serious power outage, all environmental chambers including freezers, stability chambers and refrigerators are supplied with backup power utilizing a natural gas powered generator.

Monitoring Systems

Other infrastructure includes the Sensaphone 1800 alarm system that notifies, in series, each of six members of sample management team of off-hours excursions in temperature or humidity for environmental storage chambers.


The archive facility is surrounded by 13 foot fire proof walls filled with large, movable shelves with a FM200 halon fire suppression system and if necessary sprinklers. Overall the storage capacity for documents is 67,000 cubic feet. All paper documents have been scanned to servers. Originals are stored in water proof protective bags. The archiving system at Sannova utilizes a significant “defense in depth” approach to data integrity and maintenance. Central server in a dedicated room supports electronic data archival. The Iosafe back up disc is water proof and is rated to withstand temperatures as high as 2400 C.


In support of its extensive work with controlled substances, the facility features continuous video monitoring throughout its bioanalytical and CMC laboratories, as well in the environmental storage chamber area. Training Facilities

Companywide scientific/ethical/quality training is conducted each Friday in a classroom. In addition a dedicated training room is available for one on one training or for smaller groups engaged in scientific, technical and quality training.