At Sannova, all of our instruments are new and purchased directly from major manufactures, chosen for their ability to generate quality results.

The equipment base includes 14 modern Sciex mass spec:

2 API6500,

7 API5500,

2 API5000 &

3 API4000, one of which is a Q-Trap

In addition:

Agilent 5977A GC/MS, fitted with a 7697A headspace apparatus,

Agilent 7900 ICP/MS & Milestone Ultrawave Digestion System.

Every single one was “top of the line” when it was purchased.

The ICP/MS is for our work with inorganic biomarkers, medical devices, and inorganic therapeutics, as well as for use in CMC formulation support (i.e. USP<232> and USP<233>). The advanced Milestone Ultrawave digestion system allows for the complete dissolution of even the most intractable matrices in order to afford the highest possible sensitivity in the measurement of inorganic ions.

To facilitate its growing capability in CMC services, Sannova maintains an array of modern HPLC’s from major manufacturers, including Waters, Agilent and Shimadzu, as well as dissolution apparatuses from Distek and Agilent.

All of our equipment is maintained by manufacturer’s engineers. This assures that all instruments remain in peak operating condition throughout their lifetime.