Large Molecule

Sannova has capabilities in large molecule analysis using three major technologies; ligand binding assays, LC/MS/MS assays, and, in the case of heteroatom tagged proteins, tagged nucleic acids and metalloproteins ICP/MS assays. (For a review of lCP/MS based approaches to analysis in proteomics see, Feng et al. Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 2010, 29, 326– 348)

Sannova’s scientists not only develop and validate ligand binding (ELISA) methods and LC/MS/MS methods utilizing enzymatic hydrolysis techniques but also cross validate ELISA methods with LC/MS/MS methods.

With broad knowledge of the chemistry of peptides and proteins, an array of modern instruments and a passion for performing science with the highest quality standards, Sannova’s scientific teams are uniquely prepared to assist clients with the development, validation and use of methods that help bring vital large molecule drugs to market.