Even with the most advanced equipment, the basics, the little things, for example, control of pipetting, or the task of weighing, or the cleanliness of a countertop… can have a huge impact on data integrity.

Sannovians understand that the passion for producing high quality results, the passion for the big steps - the continuous development of scientific knowledge and experience, evaluating the latest scientific literature, training on the use of the newest and most advanced instrumentation - will only result in success only when matched by a passion for the small, simple, but critical things.

Every Friday morning our team meets to discuss what we have learned, not as individuals, but as a company. These discussions, these avenues of communication, are key in our drive for excellence.

At Sannova we are not content merely to meet the regulatory guidance. Our heart is in driving toward the lowest CV’s, the highest precision, the closest approach to the true values, the highest accuracy.

No matter what success we achieve, we are continuously asking ourselves, how we can top ourselves next time, if there is any way to come even closer to the mark than what we have previously achieved. Only with such passion can one become a true Sannovian.