Phases I - IV

Sannova has worked with clinical organizations around the world, having analyzed samples from the US, Canada, India, Eastern Europe and Western Europe as well.

Sannova utilizes three different business models with clinical CROs:

1) The Sponsor comes to Sannova with a clinical CRO already identified and contracted, and simply asks Sannova to provide its world class bioanalytical services to analyze the samples generated.

2) The sponsor asks Sannova to advise on a clinic offering the best possible recruiting capability, access to special populations, or therapeutic expertise as the case may be, with the sponsor then setting up an independent relationship with the clinical CRO.

3) Sannova takes full responsibility for the entire study, and subcontracts the clinical portion of the study for the sponsor in a “turnkey” arrangement.

Sannova is willing to work in all of these settings, as dictated by the sponsor’s requirements and needs.