Discovery / Preclinical

With a capacity to analyze more than 360,000 samples per year, Sannova is uniquely positioned to handle the demands of “fast PK studies” in a wide variety of animal matrices in order to provide streamlined fast feedback using appropriate methods. In the highly competitive environment of drug discovery turnaround time can make a huge difference in solving important issues in human health. The elucidation of structure activity relationships (SAR) in drug discovery settings requires fast feedback for the understanding of PK/PD properties as determined in appropriate model species.

Sannova is also experienced in developing and validating methods for the preclinical “proof of concept” phases in drug development. Respect for and containment of our client’s vital IP is always at the center of our operations.

Located in central New Jersey, near major transportation hubs, with broad experience in the efficacious handling of large numbers of samples from round the world, and with 14 of the world’s most modern LC/MS/MS instruments, Sannova is well positioned to handle even the most demanding screening programs and to function seamlessly with its clients as a “virtual laboratory,” for innovative drug discovery teams.