Sannovians strive at all times to refine their quality to reach the highest standards achievable. Our heart is in driving toward the lowest CV’s - the highest precision, and the closest approach to the true values - the highest accuracy.

Sannovians enjoy a 1:1 ratio of quality personnel to bench scientists. Our QC scientists are present in the labs at all times to confirm the exacting quality goals that all of our team members embrace.

An integral tool we use to achieve said quality standards is our unique QA controlled data capture sheets, in which each step required in our SOPs is translated to a signed and countersigned document verifying its execution.

Sannova embodies an environment of continuous improvement, always striving not merely to meet, but to exceed the expectations of all regulatory authorities. Sannova has been successfully audited by the FDA 3 times in the last 6 years with one minor finding.

Friday mornings at Sannova feature a full meeting of all lab scientists and their quality counterparts in which quality lessons learned in the preceding week are discussed as well as changes to SOPs. In addition, lab scientists are called upon to train the team on a selected SOP, an experience that deepens understanding for both the teacher and the taught.