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Our Company History

Sannova was founded in 2006 with the simple idea of providing high-quality services. The kind of services that do not merely validate methods according to the regulatory guidance, but rather validate methods as accurately and as precisely as achievable.

As Sannova grew, so did its reputation for outstanding performance, which not only facilitates effective NCE development but also results in a high success rate for BE studies.

Guided by this spirit of “raising the bar” for CRO performance, Sannova grew from a company with just one LC/MS/MS instrument and one employee situated in a 4000 square feet facility to one with 14 LC/MS/MS instruments and 50 employees occupying 21,000 square feet.

The key factor driving Sannova’s success has been the outstanding commitment of our people; a staff working in a harmonious environment in which high scientific standards are brought to bear on the development of new treatments for human and animal diseases.

In this capacity Sannova looks forward to servicing your most challenging projects and thereby continuing to build a record of growth and success.