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Emergency Power Supply

Although Sannova, in nine years of operations, has only experienced rare, very brief power outages, all environmental chambers including freezers, stability chambers and refrigerators are supplied with backup power utilizing a natural gas powered generator. The gas lines draw directly from the utility service, and thus no manual refueling is required. In the advent of any power outage, the generator is designed to respond around the clock and within seconds to system sensors detecting an outage.

Monitoring and Security

At Sannova, all controlled condition chambers, such as ICH stability chambers, freezers, and refrigerators are continuously monitored by the Sensaphone 1800 alarm system. The system is set to notify, in succession, each of six members of the sample management team of off-hours excursions in the relevant set conditions in either temperature or temperature and humidity.

In support of its extensive work with controlled substances, the facility features continuous video monitoring throughout its bioanalytical and CMC laboratories, as well in the environmental storage chamber area.