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Besides being a critical quality attribute for evaluation in stability and release testing, in vitro testing is an increasingly utilized strategy for reducing costs and modeling the behavior of actives in physiological systems. This approach minimizes unnecessary use of animal and human subjects to address issues in effective drug delivery.

Sannova uses pioneering technology in support of such studies, whether it is to establish bioequivalence for formulations binding agents such as sucralfate, cosevelam and others, the release profiles over long periods of vaginal rings, depth penetration studies of ointments and creams, release profiles across membranes of ocular formulations, long term release profiles of ER formulations, or simple dissolution studies for IR formulations.

Indeed all major IVPT/IVRT systems at Sannova, are equipped with auto samplers allowing for precise and controlled measurements over long periods as required.

Sannova has experience in working in complex matrices, such as those involving simulated gastric fluids in the presence of foods, model aqueous humor, and various biological and synthetic surrogate membranes.

The equipment base includes Logan UDT-814 12 bath dissolution with variable speeds for fast method development, equipped with video recording capability and adjustable baths for use with enhancer cells. Also there are Agilent 708DS and Distek 6300 dissolution systems. The Distek EZ Fill 4500 system that allows for fast, reproducible and accurate media preparation.

Franz cells at Sannova are the Logan DHC-6TD models with autosamplers attached to the receiving chambers containing biorelevant media.

The array of equipment also includes precisely controlled temperature baths/shakers for release in vitro studies for binding agents.