Solving Global Health Crises with Biologics and Biosimilars

The remarkable impact of complex large molecules during the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted their potential in addressing future global health crises. Biologics, renowned for their intricate structures and diverse functionalities, open up new frontiers in the fight against complex diseases like cancer, autoimmune disorders, and rare genetic conditions. Meanwhile, biosimilars offer cost-effective alternatives to original biologics, enhancing accessibility to transformative treatments for patients. Guided by protein therapeutics, including monoclonal antibodies and growth factors, we unlock the ability to modulate cellular functions and signaling pathways, revolutionizing disease management at a molecular level. Together, these groundbreaking advancements foster hope and deliver improved outcomes to patients worldwide. Get ready to embrace the power of biologics and biosimilars as we prepare for the next global health challenge.

From Vaccine Development to Analytical Testing

Unleash the potential of your biologics and biosimilars with Sannova, the leading expert in comprehensive analytical solutions. We understand the challenges of characterizing and analyzing large molecules with in low-abundance and in complex matrices, going beyond traditional physicochemical analysis to provide deeper insights into biological medicines. Our cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to accelerate the complex multi-stage process of vaccine development, ensuring safety, efficacy, and swift market entry. With our unrivaled expertise, we help you navigate the regulatory complexities and establish potency standards in bioactivity units, propelling your products to harmonize patient care..

Follow the Lead of Biotech Innovators

In the innovative realm of biotechnology, companies have discovered a winning strategy for success in biologics, biosimilars, and protein development—outsourcing their analyses to an experienced CRO like Sannova. Our boutique services provide a critical role in the development and commercialization of biologics, biosimilars, and proteins. Partnering with Sannova gives you access to a wide range of personalized, flexible services to suit your needs, including assay development and validation, sample analysis and regulatory support. Improve the quality of your analysis, thanks to our rigorous internal standards and the state of the art instrumentation at your disposal. Innovation is all about speed and Sannova can help you get that competitive edge when you team up with our experienced team while reducing the time and costs of development, while streamlining the regulatory process.

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