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With Sannova, you can trust that your DMPK analyses are in capable hands. We offer a range of in vitro assays that enable you to fully understand the efficacy and safety profile of your compound candidate. Our team’s extensive expertise in handling complex biological matrices allows us to provide reliable results that you can depend on. We specialize in a range of matrices, including simulated gastric fluids in the presence of foods, aqueous humor, and various biological and synthetic surrogate membranes, among others. Choose Sannova as your CRO partner and experience our commitment to quality, speed and flexibility.

In Vitro DMPK

Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) is a core discipline that considers the biotransformation of a drug compound and other factors that affect its behavior in the body. In vitro studies are critical for understanding the biotransformation and behavior of a drug compound in physiological systems, and selecting appropriate assays is important for ensuring accurate results.

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